Your heart speeds up, your palms sweat…

“What if I flop?”




That, be-YOU-tiful friend, is exactly what I’m here to help you with!

Ready to magnetize an ABUNDANCE of star clients with videos that feel good to your soul? 


A Cutting-Edge Program & Amazing Community to help you launch your Youtube channel, make an inspiring impact and organically grow your dream business!

Have you been carrying this secret wish in your heart to create videos that make a meaningful difference, build your online presence & make your business more profitable?



Maybe you’ve wanted to make videos for a while now, but you keep getting stuck thinking…


I don’t have the time, or the technology…

I hate how I look or sound on camera.

Who am I to make videos?

I’m not an expert.

What if my videos are just a big pile of sh*beep?


What if “they” laugh at me?!

Believe me… I get it! I know how it feels to be afraid to put yourself out there.

The truth is, though, had I not broken through my own fears and shared my message bravely, I’d never have the thriving business I have today, a Youtube channel with a million views & 12,000+ engaged soul-scribers (and growing strong), the freedom to live/travel on my own terms AND bettering hundreds of thousands of lives in the process.


Seriously, I owe all of this to Youtube & the power of video!

95% of my clients and students have come from Youtube! Yep – you read that right, my friend. 95%!

All I’ve done is consistently make videos… no cheesy marketing tactics, no networking events, no pushing or selling… nope, nada, zip! Just me being me, authentically sharing value with amazing souls from around the world.


And this, too, is possible for you. Good news, yes?



youtube image

And, guess what? There’s even better news…

No matter what your excuse for not making & sharing your videos, there’s only ONE real obstacle in your way – fear!


If you can master the art of transforming your fear into genuine confidence, then you can make magnetic videos that not only upgrade your life & your business, but those who watch them.


What I’ve found in nearly 7 years of making videos and working directly with coaches & entrepreneurs to overcome their own on-camera/visibility fears is that there are 3 simple (yet, powerful) secret pivots that can transform your fear into sheer fabulousness on video instantly!


This is exactly why I want to share a special invitation to join me for my new online 6-Week Mindful Youtube University™ program, starting on May 22, 2017*, helping you break through your fears & becoming the most confident video-making love machine you know!


Already know this program is for you and want to register & receive your early gift?

Dive straight in & immediately receive your Video Radiance Activation Workshop *Bonus Gift* before the course even begins! 


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    •  + Full 6-week MYU Program (starts May 22, 2017)
    •   +3 LIVE Q&As
    •       + Access to future updates of the program
    •   + MYU Private Community Membership (powerful, valuable support)
    •   + & Bonus Gifts

This course is for you if you are a coach, healer, aspiring leader or creative who wants to…


  • launch your Youtube channel with clarity, calm + confidence


  • break through fear and release limiting beliefs that have stood in your way


  • be more visible and grow your successful, sustainable business and dream audience


  • learn to turn your unique stories and life experiences into magnetic transformational teachings


  • discover the 3 pillars to creating magnetic videos that can transform your fear into sheer fabulousness


  • trade the “push, network and work harder” mindset for more effortless productivity and flow


  • feel great on camera, discover your unique message, and create instant authentic connection with people you can genuinely serve


  • mindfully craft content that establishes your expertise and inspires your ideal clients or customers to go deeper with you through your courses & offerings


  • take a courageous stand for your soul’s calling & be part of a movement that makes our world a better place!

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Hear from MYU Grads in this Video…


How the course works + what you’ll receive:

  • 12 Experiential Video Lessons organized into 3 training modules: Believe. Build. Broadcast.

    Lessons are directly emailed to you every other week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, including a 10 – 25 minute Video Lesson, ShineSheet, and extra resources to take your video creation to the next level. These lessons are not just information, they are experiential practices that help you break through + build content as we go.

  • 3 LIVE Q&A Sessions with Veronica Krestow on 6/3, 6/17, and 7/1 at 11:00 AM PST

    Can’t make the live Q&As? These sessions are recorded for your convenience, plus you can send in questions ahead of time.

    Please note: Q&As are recorded live in case you can’t make them live or want to revisit them. You are welcome to email or post questions ahead of time to be answered on the calls in your absence. 


  • Fun and activating Video Growth assignments


  • Membership to our private, global MYU community where you’ll receive direct guidance from Veronica… get valuable support/additional resources & automatically gain a safe, built-in audience that sees, supports + helps you grow & vice versa. (This quality community feature is worth the tuition in and of itself!)

Plus… super exciting!

  • EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY: Submit one of your videos to be featured on Veronica’s Youtube channel – instant exposure! (Video must be qualified by meeting the #MedicinalVideo guidelines)


  • *BONUS GIFT* 4 Pillars to Rocking Your Brand on Instagram Training with Jeanne Verger


Let’s makes our world a better place… together!



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With all the love in my heart, I am deeply inspired to help you genuinely believe in yourself, build your magnetic videos & broadcast your valuable message with confidence, grace + gusto!

You’ve got this, be-YOU-tiful friend.

Let’s do this thing… together!

Dive straight in & immediately receive your Video Radiance Activation Workshop *Bonus Gift* before the course even begins! 


Register now


  •  + Full 6-week MYU Program (starts May 22, 2017)
  • 3 LIVE Q&As
  •       + Access to future updates of the program
  •   + MYU Private Community Membership (powerful, valuable support)
  •   + & Bonus Gifts