Be-you-tiful Friend,

Have you ever noticed how on one day you feel like you’re gleefully riding a unicorn through space and the next day like crawling under the covers like an inch worm…

and – never – coming – out?

The simple truth is that the way you feel is directly correlated to your self-care practice and the good news is that you can uplift your mood in an instant. 


One. Holy. Instant.

Living your life without a daily self-nurturing practice is like building a house with no foundation. Things can get a weee bit wobbly AND the wild thing is that most of us silly humans live this way. 

In this week’s Treasure Tuesday VIDEO (which is -GASP- only 3 minutes short this week), I share with you an instant tool for uplifting yourself and finding your “feel good.” 

Hint: Please have your calendar close by. You’ll need it!

With all the love in my heart, may you take a deep breath and remember how very powerful YOU ARE!

You’ve got it goin’ on, my friend!

Own it. Live it. Breath it.


p.s. If you really want to feel good instantly, let go and take 10 deep breaths right now. Notice what happens. Let’s start together. 1. Inhale slowly. Hold. Exhale. 2…3………10

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