Dear magnificent Love!

Last year, I was sitting at dinner with a soul sister of mine who began telling me about her work in the world.  As she spoke about owning “your personal brand of beauty” and being visible in the way Mother Earth intended for you, I exhaled as tears flowed down my cheeks.

She struck a heart string that never stopped vibrating since that initial conversation… and so that evening I asked if I could interview her. I knew I had to share the revelation I was having with you.

It is many moons later now, of course, and we finally gathered to make THIS WEEK’S special *Treasure Tuesday* video for you, which I am super inspired to share.

How to Connect with Your Unique Light and *Be Visible*

There is something about this goddess’ full spectrum presence that just makes me want to be more and more of who I truly am… and even, ahem, put on a tutu and twirl my buns off in. Yes, I really do twirl in a tutu in this videoSomething tells me after watching this, she just might inspire a lil’ liberation in you, too… maybe even your own tutu twirl?!

This video is longer than usual as there are so many great gems worth watching. So, kick up your feet, take a deep breath, and enjoy the extra abundance this week. 

With Great Love and a tutu twirl,


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