Using radically honest personal stories and practical, inspiring solutions that work, Veronica guides you on a journey that has the power to awaken your true purpose, turning challenging times into opportunities for personal transformation. Get ready. The Diamond Process™ book is not passive information. It’s an alive, liberating experience designed to lead you home to the whole, magnificent, authentic YOU!

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THE DIAMOND PROCESS™: Using Everyday Triggers to Awaken the Treasure Within  Audio Book title


This is not your everyday AUDIO BOOK. There is no frill, editing, or polish.

You’ll even hear the pages turning, human mistakes- gasp!- as if we are sitting together. So, grab some tea, kick up your heels, and join me on this authentic adventure…

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The Diamond Process™: Using Everyday Triggers to Awaken the Treasure Within 
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This illustrated flip book version is compatible with computers, both Mac & PC, and is also accessible on most tablets.

“This book is a homecoming to the heart of who you truly are. What an elegant, empowering read, I love it!”

Doron Libshtein, Founder/CEO of Mentors Channel


The Diamond Process™: Using Everyday Triggers to Awaken the Treasure Within  Softcover Kindle    

NOW AVAILABLE on Kindle and in a gorgeous special edition illustrated softcover 

(Note: the Kindle version is not illustrated; The flip book version above includes all illustrations)


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